Manuela Makes a Big Mistake on "The Price is Right"

Oh what a pretty girl can get away with...

A Price is Right model is dealing with embarrassment after a very expensive on-air mistake.

Manuela Arbelaez, a model who′s been with the show since 2009, accidentally gave a car  away to a show contestant who failed to guess the price of a Hyundai Sonata SE. The "winner" was overjoyed after Arbelaez inexplicably removed another price tag, revealing the correct answer: $21,960.

After recognizing her mistake, Arbelaez hid in horror behind the Price is Right answer board. Luckily for Manuela, Drew Carey, the host of the show, laughed, shrugged it off and congratulated the contestant on her new Hyundai.

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June 4, 2023

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