Freakin Amazing - Miss Prestin

Famous for all the right reasons!

From her Facebook page:

Laura Michelle Prestin is one of the industry’s leading internationally published fitness models in the world.

Laura holds a degree as a Registered Nurse specializing in health, fitness & anti-aging. Laura also attained a Bachelor of Arts degree from McMaster University.

Laura has graced the covers of numerous magazines, being voted #1 in Canada by Inside Fitness Magazine, as well as the ‘most talked about’ American Curves Magazine cover worldwide. Miss Prestin’s best-selling calendar was also chosen as one of the Top 50 Sexiest Calendars of 2010 by COED Magazine.

Miss Prestin is a Bikini Pro Champion with 15 years of fitness and health expertise, sharing her insights as a writer for Inside Fitness Magazine and Oxygenfit for Women. She has been a leading Gaspari Nutrition Spokesmodel since 2010, and is currently an advocate for Ori Hofmekler’s Warrior Diet. Recently, Laura has partnered up with one of the biggest distribution cosmetic companies and laboratories in North America, Aloe Coats.

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