The Treeman - The World's Angriest Guitar Player

The Treeman - The World's Angriest Guitar Player hails from Liverpool.

Over a four month period he was filmed trying to play the intro to his song 'Ghost of Love'.

While recording 'Ghost of Love' he broke 3 guitars, almost chewed his hand off and smashed his house to smithereens.

After finally completeting that, The Treeman began working on a new song called 'The Magic Man' which seems to frustrated him 10 times more than 'Ghost Of Love' ever did.

And finally he gets 'Magic Man' right here:

The Treeman has a Facebook page were you can keep up to date with him:

Also you can keep up to date with him on Twitter:!/TheTreeman2

You can purchase the Treeman's merchandise here:

You can listen to his songs here:

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December 10, 2018