Horrible High Fives

A solid high five requires skill, patience and supreme hand-eye coordination from both parties involved.

Every single day, at least 80% of high-fivers worldwide are receiving half-assed, awkward or completely missed high fives. These poor celebrators are left hanging all by their embarrassed lonesome, with no one to five — high or low.

If you or anyone you know has fallen victim to an atrocious high five, send them our way for additional mocking.

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    Image: Imgur, ML4321
  2. 6rj0puo
    Image: Imgur, pixiespell
  3. 4hj8zav
    Image: Imgur, snarkyturtle
  4. Stygqko
    Image: Imgur, bromemeoth
  5. Tmlqj7i
    Image: Imgur, Xarthok
  6. Gd6ayrg
    Image: Imgur, cwmonkey
  7. Defx6qb
    Image: Imgur, A-CHINESE-GUY
  8. M1inls0
    Image: Imgur, bromemeoth
  9. Vvt0m
    Image: Imgur, churchmany
  10. S8hihmi
    Image: Imgur, argentuned
  11. Dgbjngh
    Image: Imgur, Jugornot_
  12. Xghrwh2
    Image: Imgur, dookoo
  13. Rtst6
    Image: Imgur, intis
  14. Hqxo7ul
  15. 8i8qr
    Image: Imgur, masonachu
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June 4, 2023

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